A Gift for the Present & Future

Due to COVID-19 I opted out of going back to school this semester, because my not having a personal laptop really put a hold on me going back to school. I work part time as a barista and it was there that God sent me an Angel Mrs. Carol and I immediately took a liking to her and her very nice husband Mr. Rufus who came to have breakfast. I noticed the MAGI logo on Mr. Rouse’s clothing so we started talking about the hardships that our community faces such as lack of resources to help with school and basics.

She talked about black history and how great we are as a people and what we’ve accomplished. Mrs. Carol asked me what my plans where for my future. I shared with her that I had an Aunt that was very dear to me that was very sick. She couldn’t afford round the clock care. So I took care of her. She ultimately died, and it was at that point that I knew that I wanted to become a nurse and ultimately open my own clinic. She asked me what was stopping me. I confided her that I lacked a resource needed to further continue my education. She asked what was it. It was at that point I told her that it was a laptop.

We talked further as she started asking me questions about being able to maintain school and work and did I have a plan. I told her how I would make it work. She asked for another cup of coffee , and asked me what type of laptop I needed. I thought she was just making conversation. As I was talking to her ,she pulled out her cell phone , handed it to me and told me to pick one. She set right there and ordered it, and that was when she told me exactly why MAGI was created by her and her husband. She gave me a shirt, told me that no one can stop me but me, smiled at me then left.

I honestly still didn’t believe it until yesterday when UPS delivered my brand new laptop from Best Buy to my home. I called them in tears because to know that there are people out there like the Rouses that are willing to give people like me…a 26 year old woman…a chance to complete my dream of becoming not only a nurse but a black business owner that can provide jobs for others. I will use this opportunity to do what I’m supposed to do Mrs. Carol. God is my witness.